Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Flowers in August

SBA Assignment 4 (Flowers in August): 7.67/10

Now finished... The Iris has its colour now, and the Campanula's have more layers on them, as do the Dandelion flowers and clover. I hate submitting coursework at the best of times, but these illustrations really stress me out! You can loose good marks just for a splodge or an accidental splash. I have a problem with this particular piece because the vanish on the board I stretched the paper on has come off, staining the back brown. I will no doubt loose marks for this, and that really annoys me, because obviously I only found this out after I have finished the piece (and removed it from the board). Tough times, but least the front is ok :)


  1. This does look lusher than the previous one, I had to open them both in different tabs to compare, the latest one though is not such a sharp photograph! Well done Jess I hope they like it at illustration college.

  2. That's a pain that the varnish came off with all that work.

  3. Hi Jess - just looking at your lovely flowers - it's my next assignment. Interesting to hear about the varnish coming off - I was told to varnish the board before use to avoid staining!! Was it a clear varnish? I am trying an acrylic board and hoping it will suit. Your flower page is lovely.