Friday, 17 September 2010

The Lion's Wings

So, you know how I said I have a zillion things to do before I can get cracking on with my botanical painting? Well there was one more thing added to the growing list yesterday - to make some butterfly wings for my boyfriend. Not the usual thing one gets asked to do, but you see he has a lot on as well, and it would have taken him a lot longer to construct some wings. So, late last night I was doing an 'art attack' on my sitting room floor using a watercolour wash. Then at 7am this morning I was in the garden adding acrylics, because the watercolours didn't work very well (although they made a lovely background). It was lovely and crisp outside - autumn has definitely settled in.
So here they are, not cut out into wings yet, but I'll leave that until I have measured them against the lion himself. Oh and yes - these are for the 'N and B' party... he is also coming as a B.

Big butterfly wings flapping in the wind

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