Monday, 18 April 2011

Artists block

I'd like to know what Sally did to me, but whatever it was, it has rendered me useless. I so desperately want to pick up a pencil, but each time I do it, something goes wrong (i.e. the nib snaps or my anglepoise light falls down or my specimen won't stay in place). All attempts to actually get on with my work appear to be in vain. I would normally just go along with nature and decide that today is not the day to be drawing, but alas, I have had too many days like this and I need to get cracking! So, after much screaming, fist clenching and swearing I managed to work out what I am doing:

Introducing Aiden the Aesculus!

He is suspended as this is the only way I can draw him
(he's a fidget and won't sit still).

Aiden is a member of the Hippocastanaceae family, which I think has been merged with the Sapindaceae with APGII. I was going to do something from the florists, but the tree down the end of my road surprised me on way home, and so I abandoned my Sunflowers and Bird of Paradise for Aiden.


  1. Just worked out the problem - FULL MOON. Say no more...

  2. Ha! Full moon absolutely ... things not falling into place at all. I think also Jess you need time to rebuild the energy and passion after giving Sally so much of yourself - perhaps Aiden will be less high maintenance, boys often are ... :)