Thursday, 5 May 2011

Aiden, Ruby and Bryan all abandoned...

Aiden the Aesculus

Ruby the Rhododendron

Bryan the Bird of Paradise (check out his ovaries!)

Romilly the Rose

Can't draw can't draw - crises level here in the Inky Leaves studio. So, I have gone outside and abandoned weeks of drawing different things for Romilly. I kept trying to draw top heavy flowers (especially umbels) with bent stems that just wouldn't sit still in the glass and it's irritated me so much that I have opted for a rose - which thankfully is well behaved despite being covered from petal to thorn in green fly.

Now I have to work REALLY HARD to get this finished.

This is my desk as it is. I have to balance my sketchbook on my lap, which is quite a juggle at the start.

1 comment:

  1. Good on you Jess for moving on when you know it's not working. Also generous of you to share this experience which I know most would go through, makes it feel more normal to go through the same process... I am saying can't paint, can't paint! Sometimes it's just difficult .... love your colours on the rose by the way x