Monday, 13 June 2011

Stan the Stag

After a session of yoga, I like to walk home 'properly'. I like to walk home 'aligned' and thinking of every muscle and bone in my body. I either look really stupid doing this, or really perfect, like an 18th century lady. Either way it doesn't matter, as Kew is delightfully quiet at 9pm and so there are few to judge. It's actually my favourite time to be Kew. It's like have the whole district to myself... all the neighbours are quiet and there no visitors in the Tesco buying their picnics for the garden :)

However, this evening I was rudely interrupted from my 'proper' walk by Stan, who looked a little lost as he crossed the pavement on the busy Kew Road. I picked him before he got trodden on and tried to get him back into Kew Gardens, but this was a hopeless task, so I brought him home. Amazingly this is the second live stag beetle I have seen this summer. It's been a good year and I have never seen a live one before - only dead and pinned in museum drawers!

So, this is Stan. He was amazing to hold. Such delicate legs and yet so strong. I loved his little hooked feet, which he used to hold onto me for dear life as I paced him to safety. After bringing him home I took him to the river bank where it is nice a woody and let him go. He's got all night to find a hiding place and very few cyclists and feet to contend with. It was a beautiful night - the moon was bright in the sky and bracing itself for another eclipse. This one is on the 15th June at 24 degrees Sagittarius... a bigg'un for me.

The River Thames facing east.

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  1. Nice beatle, just you wait until you get here, we have got hundreds of them.