Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Needlework Project: Colours of 2011

As promised I have posted my needlework project which I began some weeks ago, but got it fully underway whilst in Spain. I have been keen to do something for myself, and so this is it. I am not sure where it is going yet - I fill in area's slowly and make up the patterns in my head. I do like the geometry in this though. I find it satisfying sewing something that is linear because it contrasts so well with my botanical drawings. I feel that it gives my eyes a rest and balances out the organic shapes in my other work. I also like the free style - it allow me to be more creative.

The stitch count is 28stitches/inch, so they are VERY small. I have included a photograph with a pencil for scale.

This shows how it is expanding...


  1. Oh Jess this is coming on so much, I can’t believe how much you have done since Spain! You have inspired your Auntie Emma too and she has filled in all her blocks now with black single thread so it looks like cross-hatching, very effective.

  2. Aharrr at last my comment is visable, I bet you have done even more on this piece now.

  3. LOL! Yes, your comments where all in my publishing file waiting approval. Funny how no one else seems to be able to comment at the moment though... I am keeping an eye on this. I think Google have done a crazy update.

    Thanks for the lovely comments :) Your pot is amazing... x