Monday, 15 August 2011

Needlework update:

So I have been able to find some time to carry on with my sewing which has been wonderful and very calming to do. I found myself to be in a lovely quiet gap whilst I waited for my coursework to arrive and for the next book in a series to arrive. I am reading Geroge R Martin's books - A Song of Ice and Fire which I am REALLY enjoying, but I finished book two and I Henry as all of the other volumes at his parents house in Bristol, so rather than buy a new copy, I thought I'd wait for his as he is going to see them this weekend coming. Can't wait, as I have been experiencing some serious withdrawal symptoms!

So my 'Colour' sampler was firstly made to help me see which colours work well next to each other, but it has now for me become something far bigger. I like the mathematics in this piece, the tessellation, the pattern and the way it looks like a map. It has become my very own Mandelbrot set!

From this, I have had the idea to try and get some Mandelbrot sets in this piece, and maybe do a larger sampler after this one of just one big Mandelbrot set. Would be tricky, but I like to do tricky things...


  1. Actually it reminds me of a coloured crop circle the way it s developing, love it.

  2. Henry thinks it looks like a microchip/motherboard... I am liking the theme here - life on this planet/other planets/inside a robot. One could do a whole set of them!