Monday, 23 April 2012

Getting that piece of paper


And here it is:

It is a very big piece of paper (A3) and throughout the evening Pam was so organised that she even provided us with cellophane wallets to put them in so that they wouldn't get dirty or wet in the rain. I was very impressed with all of Pam's organisation - she deserves a certificate herself! 

So I had a monumental weekend of epic proportions. With an inkling that this was going to be the case, I luckily took four days off from work. So I spent Thursday pacing the floor a bit. I could not sit still because I was so excited that I'd be meeting Vicki and Tod for the first time. They had come all the way over from Perth in Australia for the SBA distance learning course seminar and exhibition. I was gutted that the weather had turned wet for them, but they still have lots of other places to go on their big trip 'up north'. They are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary and you can read more here. Meeting them in the evening at the SBA exhibition with all my other botanical art friends was simply fabulous. It was also the first time I met Shevaun Doherty, who has stunned us all with her amazing sketchbooks and final portfolio pieces. Katherine Tyrell has written a piece about Shevaun here.

Friday was the graduation ceremony where I got to appreciate Pam's organisation skills. 

On Saturday I planed a little party in Hyde Park with some of my friends in London. We went to the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen which was a nice place as it looks out onto the Serpentine. We wanted to have a picnic, but the weather was so unpredictable we decided to it play safe. 

Henry and Jessie (of Bali Wedding Fame)

We then walked to the exhibition in Central Hall and there I met Kate Pitt, Lorraine Adams and Jarnie Godwin for the first time. They had just been to the SBA seminar. We then all went for a lovely drink (see below):

Henry and Tod having a good chin-wag and pint

Sunday was my day of rest.

I'd like to thank everyone who made this weekend so enjoyable and to pass on my congratulations to all those who graduated and/or got their work hung in this years SBA exhibition. Well done!


  1. Congratulations Jess,what a busy time; wish I could have gone too. xxx

  2. Ohhh lovely Jess and you wore THE dress too. Smashing and weel done.

  3. A well deserved and hard fought for piece of paper. Looks like you all had a fantastic weekend. It was great to finally meet you, even though it was brief :( Perhaps next time we could do lunch and a drinky or two.