Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Chelsea Tulips  
- after a second evening at work

So I did a bit more painting last night - really getting into the swing of things over here. I have so much on the go at once I am skipping between projects and making sure I give them all a bit of attention and love. After dinner I busily stretched some paper for another painting (didn't go very well so will need to re-do) and whilst that dried I got on with this one:

Despite the rainy weather I find myself in a good mood. I really enjoyed all of the queen's celebrations (but not the dismal coverage by the BBC of the Thames Pageant which was painful to watch most of the time) and have felt a little drunk with jubilation. I calling this state: 'Lubricated Jubilee Jubilation', now there's a mouthful for you all!

Delightful walk home from work on Monday - street parties galore:

Oh and this is my new friend.... He hasn't got a collar so I don't know his name. He waltzes into our house if there is a front or back door open and makes himself at home for a few hours and then goes back to what can only assume is his real house before dark. Bit of a Squirrel Nutkin in character... very cheeky and likes to play with a paper ball. He popped round the night before last for a play, so I spent an hour or so playing 'paper ball'. Such fun!


  1. Oh this is a lovely puss cat, you are lucky to have a visitor. Love the tulip too.
    MUM xx

  2. We watched it here in Australia too - some of it very cringeworthy ... but still wonderful to see everyone enjoying the festivities.
    Tulips are looking good - love the pic angles ...