Friday, 22 June 2012


Well I thought I'd update with a few things that have been happening in the world of Inky Leaves... not much painting sadly, in fact there isn't much in a tangible form. I am spending most of my days off with doctors and nurses. Today was the phlebotomist, who took 9 vials. She was a nice lady who knew her needles. She liked my DMs and told me she got into the job because she liked looking at her father's veins. I used to do that too... I remember I used to trace my finger along dad's veins when I was a child.  I'd liked to have been a doctor, but I can't do blood, so I stuck with plants. I always like the fact that botany sounds like phlebotomy!

So in between doctors I am mostly eating, cooking, sleeping and trying to stay very relaxed. My body is a temple at moment - I need to get better. The upshot of all this pampering though is I don't have much time left for painting... the odd evening here and there for Monstera problema. Hopefully I will be on the road to treatment soon and then can start producing some art work. In the meantime, the only projects I am getting done are those for other people...

Dad's Fathers Day card (I posted one this year after he moaned about not getting one last year), featuring Citroen Chevrons, flowers, a sun and some birds - all of this favourite things.

 On a side note, my bean is getting bigger... I have called this bean Bjork:

The bunting factory has re-opened in my tiny room (it had to shut down after my landlady re-shuffled our house. We lost our lovely, big sitting room to an en suite bedroom, which made space a general problem. However, grit determination and a need to get some birthday presents made, I can successfully say that the Bunting Factory has re-opened:

And lastly I'd like to end on a different type of needle work to the one I started this post with - I have started a new piece of embroidery. This is for Henry for when he finishes his exam next month. I will probably be hard pushed to finish it in time, but I thought I could give it to him a bit later on. It's called 'Because of all the Soya Beans' and it will feature a lion doing nine yoga poses with added extras down the sides.

Cool, so as you can see there's been a bit of a drought in Inky Studio's. I am full of ideas though. Apart from all this healthy living, a lot of my time is still being put into keeping my Bare Necessities Project going too. My food label scrap book is coming along nicely! 

Happy belated solstice everyone! I hope where you are you can actually see the sun, which is more than what can be said for here at the moment... Bring on my holiday in Spain!


  1. Well you may not be painting dear Jess but you are busier than most with your creativity! I can't even seem to get my study work done. I hope your tests result in an outcome that you can move forward with and get some answers ... the waiting and testing is always so difficult and sometimes there are no definitive answers. Be kind to yourself and yes, the holiday in Spain will be a great reward! xxx

  2. Thanks Vicki. Yes - looking forward to getting it all sorted out. Shouldn't be log now. I hope your work is going well. Sorry to hear that you are finding it tricky to get your study work done - I had the same problem! So much work to do. Have you chosen your habitat yet and got a general idea of how you'd like to compose it? I had the idea before doing the sketchbook work, which meat I was more selective with which species to represent, which helped in saving time. Just a suggestion. x

  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear you are not too well. Fingers crossed for the tests Jess. I have to go into hospital on Friday, so some sympathy with you on the needles. Your projects are looking great and i cannot believe how many you can keep going at once! Busy just isn't a big enough word. Keep thinking of Spain and keep well xx

  4. Not long now....just getting the place spruced up for you!