Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cracking Almonds in the Spanish Sun

After a confusing drive through Malaga, where the new roads to airport didn't join up, Henry and I boarded a plane and flew back to England. As we left, the sun was setting over the mountains. It had been a marvellous holiday - catching up with both of our mums and step dads and having some time alone in the peace and quiet. 

I did get a bit of drawing done, and a lot of sewing (desperate to get it finished) and I will post pictures of these in a later post. Other from that we ate a lot and went out on a few exploratory visits in Andalucia. I also cracked quite a few Almonds! It was really satisfying to do - I got myself in a real rhythm and it felt like something I might have done many years ago, an ancestral me. Then I got a bit creative with them. I wanted to make lots of patterns on the floor and in the garden, but as I wanted to consume them I decided not to make them all dirty and stuck with the kitchen work surfaces!

Almond Spiral

I am really getting into looking at plants and how they are used by us. This holiday was a welcome break from 'The Bare Necessities' spreadsheet (I have tonnes of data to enter tonight) and I felt more free to ponder on our resources and our relationship with them.

Of course after all of this I have realised that my dry nut weights might be incorrect for the Bare Necessities Painting - do I count the outer shell of the nut, or not? I think I might not as I am only eating the middle bit and Brazil nuts don't come with their outer-outer casing and it would be a nightmare to get the wet weight measurement on those in their entirety. Still, these are the things I have to bare in mind...  


  1. This was a really great post Jess. Glad you had a relaxing time in Spain with time to re-set yourself. That sure is a lot of Almonds! And I have never seen the casing that holds Brazil nuts, (one of my favourite nuts!). Welcome home.

  2. Thanks Jarnie! I hope your assignment is all done and dusted. I did have a very relaxing time in Spain and it was really nice to indulge in my creative projects. Did you know that Brazil nuts also contain a lot of radium? I don't think it is dangerous, but they have more of the uranium by product than any other food. I eat loads of them - they are so delicious!

  3. Love the spirals ... seems we both have a nut theme going on!
    So good for you ...
    Nice to see you being so versatile with your creativity .. :)))

    1. I love spirals. Woooah! Cosmic shape maaaaaaan!