Monday, 23 July 2012

Meine Mandlebrot #1

So I have managed to get a bit more completed... I guess you can see the pattern now and where my end point is. Finally there is some bilateral symmetry appearing! It's been a year and half since I started this piece, so even though I want to get this finished by Christmas, it might not really be complete until July next year looking at the rate of progress. Still, I am hopeful and still aiming for a Christmas deadline as I have other work to do.

With this piece I still have to decide on what I am doing around the edges... I wanted this one to be a rectangle, so I have spaces to fill in at the top and around the sides. I am not sure if it's been mentioned, but it will eventually be part of a set - my 'Mandlebrot Set'. There will be a circular one and a triangular one and if I can keep going, eventually a hexagonal, pentagonal and octagonal - all in their own colour schemes. This one will go in the middle as a long piece. Better get cracking!


  1. First of all: Hi Jessica! Wow. It's so nice to see your work. My mum and I met you on a train in London, and we just got your mail. Your sewing work is absolutely beautiful! All the patterns are so inspiring.

    Best regards Clara

    1. Hello Clara - great to see you. I hope all is well with you. Yes this piece is slowly getting there. I wonder if it is much grown since you saw it on the train?