Thursday, 20 September 2012

News from Inky Leaves

It's been a busy time for Inky Leaves so far this month. One job application and a housing application have been completed alongside the work I have done for Hugh on pruning and this is possibly why the rate of 'creative' production has slowed down a bit. I am certainly feeling like I haven't been creative enough this month - I feel a lot more manic and in need of some meditative time. I have been on some lovely walks though and that with some yoga has done the trick in keeping my mind relatively calm.

So the job I applied for was a teaching post at Capel College in Regents Park. It is something I'd really like to do. I am really not sure if I'll get it and haven't been thinking about it too much in order to not get my hopes up. It isn't 'full time', but something I can do alongside Kew. I used to teach at Edinburgh Botanics and it's something I really enjoy doing - teaching is so rewarding. So fingers crossed.

Other news is that Henry and I found a flat in a little Edwardian house in Lambeth. After much form filling and planning (and stress) we decided to back out today. It could have felt like a lot of energy was wasted in this process, but in honesty I feel like it has been a good experience as we have learned so much about ourselves.

Houses on the street

 The Kitchen

More of the Street - it's in a conservation zone so all the railings
are intact and everything is spic and span.

Apart from 'business' news, I am currently still sewing Yogi Lion (I HAVE to get this finished - it is driving me insane). Still - started to fill in the boxes and there is now Glycine Max growing up the right side.

This weekend it'll be Henry's birthday and we will be visiting some friends in France for a little mini-break. I feel like September so far as been one crazy adventure, so this break is very much a welcome trip! 

Will blog-in on my return after the weekend. Have a good weekend everyone, and well done to all SBA course 8s who got their 11th assignment in - there was some truly fabulous work produced.


  1. Nice to read all your news dear Jess - so much happening!
    Good luck with the job ...
    and I am thinking of you in France at this moment .... xxx

    1. Thanks Vicki! Interview went well I think, but I have big shoes to fill and I might not be the sort of person they are looking for depending on their demographic. But you never know. It's all a bit scarey really as I haven't taught for AGES.