Saturday, 15 December 2012

60 Russian Dolls

So I made 60 Russian Dolls this fortnight... A bit like when I had the bunting factory, again I had a mini-production line going. I very much enjoyed making them and tried to get so that everyone's was as individual as possible. After posting them I realised I should have given them a number so that they were part of an edition, but we live and learn. Maybe something for next year?! Numberless, they are all in the post now, apart from a few which are waiting for Henry to sign when he returns from India. Looking at the postal dates we are cutting it 'mighty fine'!

This is one of the green dolls, but there were blue, purple and red ones too!

On top of this Russian Dolling I am recording double the usual amount for the Bare Necessities Project because I am having to do all the Christmas presents, their wrapping and all the receipts. I'll have to do this again after Christmas Day as I want to capture anything I receive as well... It's all about the integrity of the project for me. I am recording what I am giving away as I think that this is part of life - it is something that makes life possible - it is something about the workings of our society in the 21st Century. Post Christmas I will have to record anything I receive as well. This is because I am likely to use such items in my daily life. Once March comes I can stop all this spreadsheet nonsense and calculate the proportions and get painting - no more excuses then!

 Progress on Till and Lini's wedding sampler

So I have been very busy doing anything BUT painting! Apologies to all of you who look forward to my posts - but I am guessing you are all in the same place and busy, busy, busy preparing for the festive season.  Next year I have made a pact with myself that I won't be so distracted by Christmas and more focused. I keep thinking back to last year and can't believe I was trying to complete the SBA diploma and pack for Bali on top of all the Christmas stuff. Maybe that's why I am keen this year to put more energy into the festival?

 The Big wheel at the Christmas German Market in Hyde Park 
which I couldn't resist a ride on last Thursday.


  1. You may not be painting but you're always such a busy and productive girl Jess ... always creating.
    A lot of painting here of course - you remember :)
    Love to you and Henry xx

    1. Awww thanks Vicki! Yep - busy busy! Got to keep busy, just sometimes wish I didn't have to do so much of the admin-related stuff :P Wishing you and the family a very happy Christmas! x