Friday, 22 February 2013

Tunisia and the Front Garden Project

Just before leaving I decided to make a start on our front garden... more Photographs to come. Despite being green fingered, Henry's housemates have always struggled with this space because it is in 'dry shade', the soil is VERY claggy, the tree roots make it tricky to dig and the soil is very acidic. So I made this raised bed in response to these conditions... I am intending to fill it with Hellebores, Primulas, bulbs, Peonys and Hydrangeas... those sorts of cultivars anyway. We have a Camelia which is thriving and some roses which is a bonus. It felt great to get my hands in the soil again, even though it's freezing cold. I think it's always a good idea to get your hands in the soil of a place when you move house to help with the grounding process. It's all about making contact with your new turf. 

Anyway, just posting this to see if any of my readers have a garden with similar conditions and to ask if any of you have any suggestions on what might be happy growing here? I'd be most grateful for any help you can give. I suppose this little bed could become 'The Inky Leaves Flower Bed' - designed by you and your fellow readers. I could even post seasonal pics so you can see how your virtual garden is growing!

So no sooner had I made contact with my East End soil was I off again! This time to make contact with some soil much further south... I have just spent a few days in Tunisia - a nice long weekend. It was a fabulous trip away and I recommend it to all. The people were very friendly and the wine was out of this world (I can see why they don't export it - it's too good to give to other countries!). Their history, culture and food were also spectacular. I had no idea that they had such amazing Roman remains - whole cities intact with beautiful mosaics and columns.

Their textiles where also stunning and I couldn't resist making a few purchases.... A nice Rug and two pillows...


  1. Oh these are VERY nice textiles. I want to go myself now and buy up the markets. Nice raised bed by the way.

  2. I have acidic soil where I live in Wales, but not so dry!! Love the idea of all your plant choices and of course theres Azaleas and Pieris sp. which I have a few of. I love their red new growth,yum.
    Love that wall too ,very ornate.
    Can't wait to see it in summer.