Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Magnolia Commission

I was absolutely desperate to get going with 'The Green Giant' yesterday, but there was a commission sitting at my drawing board which I needed to start. It's a new cultivar of Magnolia - not my cup of tea it has to be said, which could be why I am finding it so tricky to do. I don't like pink flowers as lurid as this - just not my thing, and I find white flowers pretty tricky anyway. I think Magnolia's should be painted with lots of flowers from a distance, like in Heidi Willis's paintings (which I love), But in the photograph I was supplied only had the one. 

Gosh - this post does sound depressing doesn't it?! But I was getting a bit depressed about it... very frustrating piece to work on. Anyway... I thought I'd post them up on the blog so I can see what it looks like not in person if you get my drift. 


  1. I can sympathise with this post Jess, sometimes commissions are a nightmare! with very little poor quality or even no reference! and often something you would never choose you paint. It doesn't sound depresssing it's just the reality of working as an illustrator ....always challenging. But then I wouldn't swap it for anything else and the next job might be a good un :) Well it's looking pretty good to me and think what a relief it will be when it's finished.

  2. Thanks Dianne, it's nice to have your sympathies and to know that you think it's looking ok. The best commission I've ever had was when the chap asked me to draw him something that I liked. That was fun and definately a great job! Oh sigh, some are good, and some are not so good, but yes you are right - the putting brush to paper is the best bit no matter what it's outlining :)